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Stand off, a stand off, we're off to the send-off.

  • Vale Robert Quine (courtesy [ profile] zotz). "You gotta hear this new box I got, it creates the most offensive noise ..."

  • I do hope our British readers have all committed democracy today. Of course, you could feel free to let the BNP speak for you. (I voted Greens for EU on the software patent issue and straight Greens for everything else because Labour, Tory and Lib Dems appear populated with weasels, except Ken for Mayor because he's good with public transport. I might have voted RESPECT but I failed to research them beforehand.)

  • I concur (courtesy [ profile] shocko). I was terrified anyone could elect such a man. Twice.

  • More photos: Cabaret Nocturne at Dream, Melbourne, 16th April.

  • Happy birthday to [ profile] severina_242! How's the Polish passport application going, my sweet?

  • [ profile] arkady is out of circulation again, with another bout of gastroenteritis. Our apologies to [ profile] nou on missing her dinner.

(Anonymous) 2004-06-10 04:21 am (UTC)(link)
I committed an act of democracy some days ago. I hope.

At least with ballot boxes you are sure your piece of paper went through the hole into the box.

(morwen/abigailb, who has not got her password on her)
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Neither Smoke nor Mirrors are...