Oct. 4th, 2016

reddragdiva: (flame war)

sandifermessages You might try knocking together an ebook short. Aim for $2.99 and 15k words. "Why Bitcoin Is Stupid" or something.

reddragdiva :-D that's actually a REALLY good idea

sandifermessages Glad to help. :)

reddragdiva any tips? how hard should i work on this thing? how should i market it? etc etc just off the top of your head, i know 0 about this basically. i'd start with everything i've rambled on the topic in the past whatever which is huge amounts

sandifermessages I'd just market through your existing channels, and try not to spend more time on it than it needs. I'll give it a shout-out as well, obvs.

Well, I did it to him, now he's done it to me ...

So now I’m going through just my YOSPOS ramblings on the subject. In an hour I have 1200 words of abbreviated notes. Plus of course the start of a Rocknerd post on Machina Dynamica (which has nothing to do with blockchains, but I always thought if my sense of ethics left me I’d run an audiophile scam. Bitcoiners are EVEN BIGGER suckers). There’s still my /r/buttcoin and Rocknerd to go through as well, of course.

Oh good Lord this is going to eat my brain.

I doubt this will be kickstarted, I’ll just write the thing, put it up and promote it a bit. If I achieve 100 sales, I’ll call it spectacular success. If I achieve 20 I’ll be very pleased that this is possible.

Current working title:  “The False Promise of Blockchain: Bitcoin, blockchains, smart contracts and the madness of crowds”. Mind you, that's probably way more ambitious than I should actually be doing.

Ideas and suggestions most welcomed! What would you like to see covered?

(I'll probably do what Phil did and offer review copies to anyone who promises to write a review, positive or negative, and put it up on their blog. Then refine it based on those.)

Also front cover ideas. If only I had Chuck Tingle’s graphic designer.

edit: STATUS: 5000 words of notes and ideas. The resulting book would be 100k-200k words. I think I may need to focus more for the first one. There can be a series, and probably will if this turns out not to be a waste of effort.

What would people like to see in a short booklet-sized book about this general area? One person would like scam stories and why these people are annoying ... that’s a general area.

I don’t want to promise something that would need 200k. I need a small segment of that that will be 15k! [personal profile] arkady notes this is precisely the fact equivalent of breeding plotbunnies. “The last thing you need is to give the plotbunnies viagra.” I need a subsegment to start on ...

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