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  • How to make your field's representation in Wikipedia not suck, and why you should bother.

The life hack post seems to have worked quite well. Please feel free to add more or point others at it.

[personal profile] arkady's been having a bad migraine week, so I've been working at home, which means trying to maintain coherent workplace thought concerning sixty live websites using a small netbook in sore need of another gig of RAM while keeping a toddler entertained. At least I save on tube fare and lunches. I do believe we now have the complete collection of Thomas the Tank Engine.

Speaking of which, avoid Thomas and the Magic Railroad. You haven't heard of it because it's a dismal failure in every possible regard. Utterly misconceived. Dropping murderous engines with scary claws into the relentlessly harmless little England of Sodor and frightening the audience is what? Freda thinks Lady is fantastic ("Lady is pretty and beautiful! Lady's purple!"); skip to about 50 minutes in and just show the toddler the last half-hour, which is her bit. The plot is of negative utility. The more recent ones are like five-minute episodes expanded to an hour each, don't mess with the formula and are far more effective in fixing the attention of the young test subject.

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