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I keep forgetting this thing is here. In the last couple of months:

[personal profile] arkady has quit her horrible job, and is MUCH HAPPIER! And we are thus broker. So she now has to make money as an artist. Which is, of course, rather difficult. But she is constitutionally unable to be anything other than an artist, so ... I get to be manager!

The T-shirts are actually selling, in small quantities — UK/Europe store, US/International store — and the Celtic-knotwork animals are quite popular (requests accepted). GO BUY A SHIRT. We're all supposed to live off T-shirt sales now, aren't we.

She's also drawing cute dinosaur pictures, and working on a dinosaur-themed children's book (with Freda's enthusiastic assistance). Or two.

The kitchen currently has about 70 litres of mead brewing. Selling it for money is, of course, highly regulated, and we'd need about £10k minimum starting capital. But partnering with already-licenced premises has no such problem. A is talking to a local indie brewery about doing something with them, probably mid-October when they have a vat free.

We have a kitten! The younger teen's ex-boyfriend rescued her from a guy in a pub, who was carrying this tiny baby kitten (we estimate around four weeks old) around saying how he'd breed from her in a couple of weeks and make his fortune. Not just bad and wrong, but bad and not even wrong. So we got her to the vet, wormed, kitten milk from a bottle. Her name is Arya and she's a bright and happy thing who is already brighter than Satin, who remains one of the thickest cats I've ever known.

My dad turned 80 in September. A painted this for him. (Kalbarri is where they retired to; this is the formation in the painting.)

Rocknerd got Slashdotted! Culture is not about aesthetics. Punk rock is now enforced by law. Of course, these days Slashdot is like being gummed by a senile newt. Reddit, now, that's a whole different kettle of dotting. Here's to WP-SuperCache.

You don't NEED a car, I use four shopping trolleys bolted together with an outboard motor. It's so much better. #geeksplaining

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Date: 2013-10-03 01:49 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] arkady
We currently have 65L brewing and 23L bottled. Need more bottles, because the marmalade's finished racking and is ready for filtering & bottling. I have capacity in demijohns to start off another couple gallons as well. Thinking it's time to do the Scarborough Fair Braggot I've been mulling over for a few months, and maybe a lavender metheglyn.

Definitely need to come up with a proper A-Mazing Mead logo. Or should I rebrand it to Arkadian Dreams Meadery?

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Date: 2014-06-28 01:20 am (UTC)
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I have more t-shirts than I can wear. . .

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