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[personal profile] arkady was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia (as well as ehlers-danlos). which is shitty, but otoh  the diagnosis does explain a lot. so they hopped onto facebook to find a support group, 'cos having people who understand is always nice.

well, almost always. the canonical UK group on the subject ("UK Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" - obviously that's the group to try first, right?) is, apart from the relentless negativity ... beyond the woo event horizon.

another fibro-suffering friend noped out of there on a nope-rocket when someone recommended the sure-fire fibro symptom cure of ... a red onion on the sole of the foot every night, to pull out "toxins" and "negative energies".


(a brown onion, of course, has danger of inducing tony abbott. otoh, just think how sporty you'll look in a speedo.)

this particular woo actually has a history (and i or someone need to write up a rationalwiki article, and more on woo fibro cures in general). this is the same principle as those bogus "foot detox" patches that do nothing.

one guy from one of the unofficial rw facebook groups (not the official page) had someone do the onion-in-the-sock trick in response to a woo page (”Raw Food Institute”) promoting it. result: you'll be amazed to know it doesn't work, just makes you smell of onion.

apparently the onion trick is big on too.

as one non-woo fibro sufferer commented on a’s fb: "My search for a cure from this pain draws the line at applying condiments to my body."

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ahmed mohamed seems to be hitting the way cool points, which is great.

(neither of us are brown, though [personal profile] arkady's sister is muslim. that counts, right?)

i remember when i brought electronics to school when i was 12. i worried people would think the electronic things were girly. this was an actual worry i had in my head.

(everyone ended up thinking it was way cool and i got some of the other guys into electronics too. this was 1979, back when dick smith was run by dick smith.)

arkady did this as well at age 13, but the school was worried a’s electronics would blow up. this is because a designed them as part of something intended to blow up: a timing circuit for detonating nitroglycerin. a had previously made nitroglycerin, at school at age 12 1/2, after watching a TV show about how to make nitroglycerin as a step to making dynamite, which was the aim at the time. the chem lab had nitric acid, so a made nitroglycerin. took 4kg of fuller’s earth to make it into dynamite to school! a made the nitroglycerin. teacher worked out what a had made, and called the bomb disposal squad to dispose of the, er, two pints of nitroglycerin a had made in the school chemistry lab. the nitroglycerin was taken out to the playing field and the school got a new long jump pit. a didn’t realise till later (a) just how much trouble they’d caused the school (b) that they were quite possibly personally responsible for uk school kids not having access to actual nitric acid.

i assume nobody wonders why i married this person.

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  • who?
  • oh, it’s [name2], they changed their lj name some time in the past 15 years
  • no hold on, let’s work out who it is from their friends list
  • erm ok, let’s see if we can work it out from their icons
  • oh, it’s actually [name3]
  • ok, when did they last post ... 2008
  • let’s look them up on facebook
  • argh don’t remember their tax name
  • when did i last post anything to lj/dreamwidth
  • (finds tumblr effortpost to repurpose as dreamwidth post, which automatically crossposts to livejournal)
  • (reloads tumblr dash)
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so our drain outside was blocked and causing a minor flood in the back yard. this happens a lot. the drains in this house are crappy anyway, but since we’ve had the husky it’s generally been because she’s taken the grate off - she considers it simply incorrect to have the grate there or something - and then dropped a destroyed tennis ball into it.

but the grate was in place. so maybe it was an excess of dog hair from her weekly bath. or maybe it was just being crappy again. or something.

finally [personal profile] arkady went out to investigate with the draining rods.

alba had removed the grate, dropped a destroyed tennis ball in, then put the grate back. so er she’s tidying up after herself. good?

i’m now imagining a future civilisation formed by a species evolved from huskies. crack-addled mechanics, communicating in a language whose atoms are bouncing and yapping.

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in which someone literally posits that the root cause of tumblr social justice warriors turns out to be ... an obscure and short-lived somethingawful forum that neither you nor any sjw you’ve ever met in your life has ever heard of nor would care about. a subforum for ron paul fans, no less (the “laissez faire” forum). somehow, ron paul fans literally caused tumblr sjws.

this is the internet equivalent of explaining your loss of absolute cultural hegemony to yourself by concocting a conspiracy theory called cultural marxism that you trace back to a bunch of obscure and forgettable academics called the frankfurt school. though of course it was those darn jews all along!

(curiously unexplained: the beatles.)

the attraction of this sort of claim is that if an utterly unknown political subforum on the internet can bring about such sweeping cultural change, then he has hope that his own mra gamergatey outpost of the dark enlightenment could one day hit the big time. i don’t buy it myself.

sa is the quintessence of sneer culture, but treating it as the unknowable protean bogeyman final boss of the internet that is the ultimate source of every bad thing and its opposite bad thing may not constitute a good source of workable social theories.

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well, the sad/rabid puppies blew their dicks off. so let's float a totally different proposal to achieve much the same result: come on down, jay maynard! he proposes a “web of trust” that would start with oooh people like himself and might even extend as far as unpatriotic poltroons like john scalzi and david gerrold.

the comments on this are amazing. ctrl-f for “scalzi” or “sjw” for examples, or just any of jay’s explanations of his great idea.

(this appears to be the rumour grrm heard about a few days ago.)

john scalzi tells him to go fuck himself in detail. more in the comments on that one.

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A plump, curly-haired woman took a step out from the others. Her round face was red with anger as she screamed. "Stop the hate! No war! Stop the hate! No war!"

"Move or die!" Richard yelled as he picked up speed.

The red-faced woman shook her fleshy fist at Richard and his men, leading an angry chant. "Murderers! Murderers! Murderers!"

On his way past her, gritting his teeth as he screamed with the fury of the attack begun, Richard took a powerful swing, lopping off the woman's head and upraised arm. Strings of blood and gore splashed across the faces behind her even as some still chanted their empty words. The head and loose arm tumbled through the crowd. A man mad the mistake of reaching for Richard's weapon, and took the full weight of a charging thrust.

Men behind Richard hit the line of evil's guardians with unrestrained violence. People armed only with their hatred for moral clarity fell bloodied, terribly injured, and dead. The line of people collapsed before the merciless charge. Some of the people, screaming their contempt, used their fists to attack Richard's men. They were met with swift and deadly steel.

so for the first time in my life i just read some text written by terry goodkind.

emphasis mine, but the whole excerpt is great. no, context doesn’t improve it.

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you know OpenOffice, right? free substitute for Microsoft Office which is basically just as good, but free.

well, it's not as good. and is in fact actively dangerous to use.

the security hole: HWP files can be exploited and pwn your PC. obscure minor format, no problem ... except that if you get a HWP file with a .DOC extension - say, what appears to be a MS Word file emailed you by anyone - you can get pwned by that.

they've known about this since april 2015 and haven't fixed it. they have distributed over 8 million known-vulnerable copies of AOO since 27 april. (and the 143 million vulnerable before that.)

the fix is, literally, remove one file from the installer. they haven't got it together to do this in five months.

tell everyone you know. tell your writer friends. tell anyone you see running OpenOffice. get LibreOffice, it also originated in OpenOffice but is actually developed and they show the slightest sign of caring about their end users. LO 5.0 is really very nice. much faster to use than 4.4 too.

so what's going on here:

  • Sun Microsystems (mild yay) ran OpenOffice from 2000 to 2010. it was imperfect, but it was good enough and free and open-source. it accumulated one heck of a famous brand name. (“we need an office program” “how about that openoffice thing”)
  • Oracle (boo hiss!) bought Sun in early 2010. OpenOffice development stopped as they reassigned developers.
  • a bunch of non-Sun/Oracle developers went "bugger this" and forked it ('cos it was open source) in late 2010. thus, LibreOffice, which immediately became stupidly better.
  • Oracle had a snit and shoved the corpse of OpenOffice at the Apache Foundation in mid-2011 at the behest of IBM, who wanted to do it their way.
  • Apache OpenOffice had nothing worth the trouble, but got downloads because of the famous "OpenOffice" brand name.
  • IBM gave up in late 2013. since then, AOO has literally been sixteen ex-Sun devs squatting the name and doing bugger-all with it. their reasons are unclear.
  • they insist they still have a product, even though what they've actually achieved has been to put over eight million downloads that they knew were vulnerable on people's PCs. possibly your PC.
  • instead of fixing it, by removing one file from the installer, they post excuses for not doing stuff.

(if this sounds like a fascinating tale, feel free to check the extensively-cited history sections of the, LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice articles on wikipedia, which i mostly researched and wrote.)

Apache OpenOffice's lack of developers since IBM gave up is extensively documented. many have expressed concerns over the BLATANT SECURITY HOLE. in late august a Red Hat developer posted an open letter urging them to just give up the pretense and redirect the end users (that's you) to LibreOffice. this had wide impact, and quite a pile of others concurred that they need to stop making life actively worse for the end users. the AOO people posted numerous comments making excuses ... but they still distribute their known dangerous software and just won't lift a finger to fix it.

tl;dr: get the hell off OpenOffice, get everyone you know the hell off OpenOffice. get LibreOffice, it is strictly superior in literally every dimension, and they actually give a damn about you the user and fix the security holes.

this text is CC-0 public domain. please spread far and wide.

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It's all [personal profile] arkady's fault. Posting there a bit, and some of it even makes sense out of context.
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There’s a trope that KEEPS COMING UP in discussions with internet libertarians and/or anarcho-capitalists that fucking children, child porn etc. should totally be legal. Advocates can get quite incensed about it.

Motivations are an unholy blend of (1) the principle of the thing (1a) “children can totally decide for themselves! 12yos are famed for correct life decisions” (1b) “children are property, per Rothbard” (2) that the ‘berts in question are teenagers themselves and feel oppressed (3) that the ‘berts in question are mid-thirties or so and possibly not people you want within a mile of your social circles.

RationalWiki’s only ever “no just fuck off and never come back wtf moonmoon” hellban was after the webmaster posted his essay putting forth the libertarian argument for fucking children. (You can find it online, but not on RW kthx.)

So this is probably material for a RationalWiki article, because this trope KEEPS COMING UP. the problem is of course that this would involve (1) researching it (2) thinking about it in depth, neither of which appeals, so I’ve been avoiding it for a few years now.

(This is actually a distinct thing from Rothbard expounding upon how a free market in children would totally result in increased child welfare and not e.g. slavery.)

So, lazyweb! Has anyone else outside libertarian circles written up this trope as yet that i can crib from?

(If your very first reaction to this post is to expound upon the importance of whether we’re talking about adolescents or preadolescents, and you are neither, you may be part of the problem.)

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That’s the noise my hard disk started making on Sunday. You could hear the cry of AAAAAAAA from the stratosphere.

I have reaped the just reward of being sloppy with backups and lost three months’ work. Four songs, one good, one really good, one not so good, one which would have been awesome if I’d got more than the sketch down probably. I have an old source file for one, none for the others. but! I had MP3s of two of them! So more Diva Rose for you!

  • Resonant (demo) (vocal guide) - I really like this song and the bass and drum sound really work here. This is the vocal guide version (that’s not [personal profile] arkady singing, that’s FluidSynth general MIDI sound font “ahh chorus” 52). The keyboard line needs work. I have an old source file and get to rebuild it.
  • Heaven’s Circle (demo) (vocal guide) - this one I lost the source file for too. The vocal line here is not great and the bridge isn’t done at all, but I like the drums. Got a beat and you can dance to it. I’m thinking here of the sort of obscure ‘80s new wave 12" that you never heard of until Burning The Ground ripped it.
  • Heaven’s Circle (demo) (karaoke) - same thing without the vocal line. Do your own!

I like indushtral noises and Arkady is really a folkie, so probably we should do neofolk. Socialist neofolk of course: acoustic guitar with noises, glitches and stirring internationalist sagas of social justice. Late period Frank Tovey but with better tunes. Tumblr should be an excellent place to ascertain what terms and concepts crypto-and-not-so-crypto-fascists will find optimally triggering.

(yes I know Tovey did an LP with Boyd Rice I own a Boyd Rice CD and Re-Search #11: Pranks! and saw him live once if only he wasn’t enormously musically important and would stop talking like a stupid person’s idea of how smart people talk dammit)

(also the Fad Gadget-related articles on Wikipedia need a serious cleanup)

I now have Dropbox set up.

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After fiddling with music for ages, [personal profile] arkady and I have declared ourselves a band: Diva Rose, 'cos that's who's in it. (I wanted "The Diva Show" but it's taken.) Need a moody photo or two.

Two tracks are finished and up on Soundcloud right now. Both are instrumentals, because neither of us can work out how to write a lyric (which is annoying for two people who identify as writers). Have at 'em, actionable critiques are most welcomed. Cheers to [ profile] echo_echo and [ profile] deathboy for encouragement, which hopefully they won't regret.

These were done with LMMS (the cheap'n'cheerful Woolworths guitar of disco) and a bit of finishing in Audacity.

Arkady is an excellent musician and singer. I am neither, but thirty years' record collecting leaves a lot of ideas sticking in one's head.

I have maybe ten fragments that are looking good (better than these, if I can finish them) and about two hundred that are sketches and faff. Next quest goal: finish things.

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The free E-meter at every desk is a valuable job perk! The Kool-Aid tasted a bit funny, though.

sprint: artificial crisis

end of sprint: abandonware

Scrum Master: CV credit for my planned escape to a new company

stakeholder: someone you can't get away with externalising your costs onto, because they can hammer a wooden spike through your heart

Project Manager: a job that no longer needs to exist in the astounding new world of Scrum! (Pay no attention to the project owners, product owners, story-writing users above you in the org chart or Scrum Masters behind the curtain.)

simplified: doesn't implement the actual business requirements

lightweight: doesn't implement the actual business requirements, but does so much more elegantly than the version that works

easy: project was born circling the drain (and doesn't implement the actual business requirements)

legacy: the version that works and implements the actual business requirements, though no sane human wants to touch it

user story: a valiant attempt to extract coherent requirements and bug reports; ends up being precise specifications for the wing feathers of the desired magical flying unicorn pony

velocity: a speed with a direction: skittering about following marketing's random hairpin turns

retrospective: blamestorm incoming!

stand-up: establishing blamestorm targets early

Inspect and Adapt: perhaps bong hits will fix my makefile

We'll put that on the backlog: ahaha fuck you

doing Agile wrong: noticing any of the above.

I do enjoy some of the jargon. empowered: do your own fucking job. "Could you just copy down these log files from these fifteen servers for me and put them on the shared drive? Thanks." "I'm sorry, I'm afraid you're empowered to do that."

Every good idea is turned into a bad one by the relentless management quest to Taylorise clue.

HT the Monastery

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(Inspired by this euphoric fever dream of an infographic.)

  1. There will continue to be nothing that Bitcoin does better than existing systems, apart from money laundering and purchasing illicit goods.

  2. No, not remittances. The expensive bit of Western Union is in fact that last mile.

  3. It will remain difficult to turn your Bitcoins into conventional currency (which is the only reason there's such a spread between exchanges).

  4. It will get even harder to turn your conventional currency into Bitcoins, as any exchange not being run by blatant crooks puts you through the anti-money-laundering mill.

  5. The protocol problems will continue not to be fixed, unless most of the hashing power and Mircea "socks and cocks"* Popescu can be convinced to go along with the Bitcoin Foundation. No 20-meg blocks for you!

  6. 99% of current hashing power came online in 2014; this will be very price-sensitive, and much will go offline as the price drops, maybe coming back next hash adjustment.

  7. Miners will continue to sell their coins immediately to cover costs: we are circling equilibrium, where the cost of mining 1 BTC is about 1 BTC. The pool of money to pay for them comes from new Greater Fools.

  8. Transaction irreversibility will remain Bitcoin's sticking point, as speculators who are insufficiently computer-savvy keep getting burnt. "No chargebacks" will continue to repel customers and not attract businesses.

  9. More exchanges will get hacked and/or just take everyone's money. (So far just this year: BitStamp, 796, LocalBitcoins, EgoPay.)

  10. Everyone who bought in the last year and held is a bagholder. Their claims and speculation will get increasingly frenzied. Ask for numbers supporting all claims, particularly the ones in the above-linked infographic.

  11. The bagholders and gambling addicts will continue to be taken by obvious scams, e.g. the two Ponzi scheme sites in just the last month.

  12. Sidechains will continue to be vaporware and not in fact a thing that exists, let alone solves any problems. Bitcoiners will still talk about them as if they exist in the present, therefore you should ignore that altcoins are possible. Edit: OTOH, pettycoin might get finished this year.

  13. Altcoins will continue to be even scammier than the Bitcoin ecosphere, boggled as I was to realise this.

  14. The price is presently being held up by speculation and wishful thinking. No new reason will come along. The "fundamentals" are a castle in the air.

  15. Nobody actually wants smart contracts. They know that the plot of Dr. Strangelove is literally an unstoppable smart contract going wrong. Real customers want problems to be fixable when circumstances change, real companies want to retain the option of lawyering out of a stupid deal. The only people who would want smart contracts are businesses looking to screw over their customers even more than "mandatory arbitration" clauses do. This is about as appealing to customers as no chargebacks, for the same reason.

  16. Blockchains, even if by some remarkable wrinkle they turn out useful for something, will not lug Bitcoiners' 33 GB of SatoshiDice penny shavings with them. Bitcoiners will continue to bring up "blockchain technologies" as a reason to bother with Bitcoin regardless, because that's literally all they have.

    (Bitcoiners misunderstand that when a techie calls something "interesting" they don't necessarily mean "useful", "feasible" or "practical" — often they mean "what the hell even is that" or "I ain't even mad, that's amazing". The blockchain, particularly as implemented in Bitcoin, is very much the last.)

If you know nothing about Bitcoin and find the above largely confusing, here's the short FAQ and the RationalWiki article (which I started). I'm not such a fan.
Update 2016: Pettycoin still isn't finished. Otherwise, pretty good.

* Technically this is blatant ad hominem, but it's definitely a post so amazing it should be linked anywhere his name is mentioned, ever. Archive link.

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From a Hacker News thread on MongoDB. Someone asks "why use MongoDB?" I answer:

Same reason as MySQL: it's there, it's popular, it's the first thing that springs to mind. That it's shit doesn't factor in.


Arguably, MySQL/MariaDB has over the course of its life improved to the point where it is a reasonable product. I normally wouldn't pick it over PostgreSQL for a new project but it doesn't easily lose data any more, either, and it has good read performance with the default backend.


It's not an unmitigated disaster, true. But speaking as a sysadmin whose problem it is, it's still horrible to administer for something that turns out to be business-critical, and it pains me whenever a third-party useful thing pretty much requires it. (Typically PHP stuff where the paid developers hyperoptimise for MySQL, and there's hypothetical PG support which is actually half a volunteer.)


>Typically PHP stuff where the paid developers hyperoptimise for MySQL

That's quite true. My experience with MySQL comes from working with company intranet installations that didn't see that much traffic and some web apps, all with a high read-to-write request ratio. They all ran off a single DB server (some hardware, some VPS), so my administrative work was limited to automating fairly straightforward tasks with things like Ansible. I'm curious to hear an example of the kinds of problems you've run into with MySQL, since I assume you deal with more complex and larger-scale deployments. (And I'm looking for anecdotes to help persuade customers and developers alike to give Postgres a try.)


Nothing hugely complicated. Production Magento, Drupal and WordPress - we managed to outsource the WordPress, so now it's mainly now Magento, and that's much more horrible in itself than MySQL - one in-house tool that used to use it, some MediaWiki, and one really badly-behaved in-house tool that picked MySQL without asking us first.

Mostly we were bitten by long-running MySQL sillinesses:

  • its strange idea of UTF-8 (we call the MySQL version WTF-8 - see )
  • InnoDB's galloping disk consumption
  • the Debian/Ubuntu package's default stupid behaviour of putting all the InnoDB databases into a single file ibdata1 (I hope this is a Debianism and not something that's default in upstream)
  • ibdata1 never shrinking ever (bug #1341, open since 2003)
  • binary replication issues (e.g. bug #68892, which is fixed but that doesn't help older or distro versions)
  • several others I've mercifully obliterated the braincells that were holding them. But all of these were long-known issues that will never be fixed for one reason or another (backward compatibility with past mistakes, or they just can't be bothered).

Here's a good crib:

tl;dr MySQL: the Comic Sans of databases. Except Comic Sans has use cases.

If you have someone attempting to use MySQL internally, pick and choose from those issues and some from that "good crib" link.

Update: Apparently the single file for all InnoDB was standard upstream until 5.5. "This monolithic approach was targeted at machines dedicated entirely to database processing, with carefully planned data growth, where any disk storage allocated to MySQL would never be needed for other purposes." YES, BUT YOU NEVER GIVE IT BACK, SO THAT'S NOT ACTUALLY BLOODY USEFUL, IS IT NOW.

Update May 2015: Why MySQL is probably not WordPress's favourite database either. MySQL does in fact have a strict mode; you should be so lucky as to have your third-party software support it. (WordPress are working on this.)

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Connecting to Google Drive as a CMIS provider (edit using a proper word processor, save to Google Docs) is something LibreOffice can supposedly do.

I've been trying for a while on Ubuntu, using (a) the Ubuntu distro 4.2, (b) a hand-compiled 4.4beta (with --enable-ext-google-docs) (c) Windows LO 4.2 under Wine and (d) the Windows 4.4beta under Wine, and I can't get it to work.

Assume I've read the HOWTOs. Has anyone here actually got this to work themselves? Not a link to a HOWTO, not reports someone else did, but you personally. How did you get it to work? Which version and platform?

(There's also a feature request to give this a decent interface. This would be a FANTASTIC feature to have working out of the box.)

Others have hit bug 72646. No successful reports as yet.

Update: One report of success on Windows, though not on Linux (though [personal profile] hellsop couldn't get it to work on Windows).

Update: HOLY CRAP I GOT IT TO WORK. Windows 7, LO 4.3 and 4.4beta. Tools->Options->General, set native dialogues. Open. Click "Servers ..." or just "..." at the top. Enter a name, set CMIS, set Google Drive, click the twisty arrow, enter username (e.g. and password, enter a master password, enter username again, click "OK". You should now have Google as a drive you can go to. You need to hit ctrl-S to save files, they don't autosave, but that's fiiiine.

LO 4.4beta for Windows under Wine 1.7 still doesn't work. I click the twisty arrow and it hangs. I'm presuming some obscure networky thing isn't implemented in Wine.

(Also on my Facebook, if you can see that.)

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Fresh from the PR success of Eich as CEO, Mozilla tries again by coming out for Gamergate.

This one is an open-source software community clusterfuck. "Open Standard" is a sort of community-contributed group blog. They ran an anti-Gamergate article last week, so Gamergate barraged them with everything they could to get a pro-Gamergate article on.

The trouble is, Open Standard is editorially reviewed by a Mozilla employee. So yeah, this has editorial signoff. There were a lot of people around Mozilla who thought Open Standard was a terrible, terrible idea ...

The people behind this even contacted the stalker ex with a restraining order out on him, seeking his input.

Then @firefox retweeted the pro-GG article. Who runs @firefox is up in the air.

Mozilla also refused to block GG from using the Mozilla Etherpad as a forum for harassment planning. Jake Maul of Mozilla's first concern is not to be seen to be "'hating gamers', or 'supporting misguided Social Justice Warriors'." Never mind people being harassed out of their houses.

Mozilla's problem appears to be the Wikipedia/Wikimedia problem: there is literally nobody who can actually say "fuck these people" and make it stick.

So far @firefox has just responded "sorry community lol guess we stepped on our dicks" [1] [2]. A respondent notes "Well, it certain was a bold strategy to unite pro-GGers and anti-GGers to permanently switch over to Chrome."

"Women in danger of being murdered and the men who threaten to murder them. Where's the happy medium? Mozilla asks." I'm strictly an amateur at nonprofit PR, and I could still shit a better media strategy than these guys.

This is not a free speech zone for gators. Fuck off. Why don't you go read the extensively-cited RationalWiki article.

Update: Mitchell Baker says something that's approximately nothing.

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From enterprise-

$ grep -r chmod .|grep 777
./downloader/lib/Mage/Backup/Filesystem.php: chmod($backupsDir, 0777);
./app/code/core/Mage/Compiler/Model/Process.php: @chmod($dir, 0777);
./app/code/core/Mage/Install/Model/Installer/Console.php: @chmod('var/cache', 0777);
./app/code/core/Mage/Install/Model/Installer/Console.php: @chmod('var/session', 0777);
./app/code/core/Mage/Install/Model/Installer/Config.php: chmod($this->_localConfigFile, 0777);
./app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/Model/Product/Attribute/Backend/Media.php: $ioAdapter->chmod($this->_getConfig()->getTmpMediaPath($fileName), 0777);
./app/Mage.php: chmod($logDir, 0777);
./app/Mage.php: chmod($logFile, 0777);
./lib/Zend/Service/WindowsAzure/CommandLine/PackageScaffolder/PackageScaffolderAbstract.php: @chmod($path, '0777');
./lib/Zend/Service/WindowsAzure/CommandLine/PackageScaffolder/PackageScaffolderAbstract.php: @chmod($path, 0777);
./lib/Zend/Service/WindowsAzure/CommandLine/PackageScaffolder/PackageScaffolderAbstract.php: @chmod($path, 0777);
./lib/Zend/Cloud/StorageService/Adapter/FileSystem.php: chmod($path, 0777);
./lib/Varien/Autoload.php: @chmod($this->_collectPath, 0777);
./lib/Varien/File/Uploader.php: chmod($destinationFile, 0777);
./lib/Mage/Backup/Filesystem.php: chmod($backupsDir, 0777);
./errors/processor.php: @chmod($this->_reportFile, 0777);

I can't say what we're paying for this standard of quality, but I can say that it's public knowledge that Magento is at least $13k/yr.

The Magento world doesn't seem to consider this in any way a problem. Every guide I see blithely says to 777 stuff in your bloody webroot. I CANNOT EVEN.

Also, storing money as floats is absolutely fine and defensible.

You know you've been working on Magento a bit long when you can hum along to bits of "Metal Machine Music" accurately.

Update: Holy crap, this comment.

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There's an antipattern that Internet social sites tend to: people get nostalgic for the old times, and think that if they can just get rid of these annoying newcomers they'll get the old site back again just like they remember. The primary fallacy is that the reason it was interesting back then was that nobody knew what they were doing and what would come next; attempting to encase that in carbonite is unlikely to achieve the desired effect. The secondary fallacy is that they themselves are different people now.

(thinking of two example sites going through precisely this angst right now. And of another, where a Usenet newsgroup from 15 years ago just revived itself on Facebook, and it appears to be working precisely because we're different people now so it's interesting again and we don't know what happens next.)

Edit: Now a slightly longer pontification.

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When they came for the patent trolls, I said "Hey, you guys missed a couple. See, there's one right over there." When they came for the RIAA, I said "Guess what they playlist in Hell, buddy!" When they came for the academic publishers, I said "Glad to see my tax dollars at work!" When they came for Elsevier, I said "I thought you got those guys last time you stopped by." When they came for the Business Software Alliance, I bought them a case of beer. When they came for the movie studios, I said "So, you guys hiring anytime soon?"