Snoozing TODOs

Apr. 26th, 2015 12:15 pm
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I manage my personal TODO list with Zendone, while at work I use Google Inbox. For the most part, Zendone is the more sophisticated and capable tool, but there's one thing Inbox has that I dearly miss from Zendone: a snooze button. In Inbox I send an email, then I snooze the conversation for a few days. If I don't get a reply, I can decide what to do when the conversation pops back into my inbox.

In Zendone, I can set dates on items, but it treats them like deadlines. Snooze is the opposite of a deadline: it's not the latest it needs to be done by, it's the earliest it can be done by. What I need is for them to be invisible until their date comes up.

Does anything apart from Inbox support snoozing items?
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I woke up and thought for a while about what I wanted to do before deliberately checking only my "family" list and locked account timeline on Twitter. I got up and showered and had breakfast and... well, if I wasn't going to read Twitter while I ate, what would I do? So I read a very absorbing book and chatted with my brother for a bit. When X got up, we had lunch and went out clothes shopping. I read a bit more of the book on the subway.

(The book is Natasha Pulley's The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, which is deservedly on my list of excellent books coming out this summer. It's is the first book I've read since I started writing my own, and it's extremely good, so I got to have that lovely feeling of "Well, this person is a much better writer than I am"--a particularly easy comparison to make when it's set in historical London with a protagonist who shares many personality traits and a name with my own hero! But I managed to turn it into "This book is a good example of things I'm not doing, and now I get to decide whether to do those things" and that felt better. Anyway, I highly recommend it, especially to anyone who liked Jo Walton's Small Change books.)

We came home and I read for a bit and then J and I went to the supermarket and came home and made dinner. I resisted the Twitter urge and instead posted on FOCA and checked LJ/DW while the chicken was baking. I also checked email (I'm trying to remember to keep the email tabs closed and only check once in a while, or hourly for work email during work hours) and knocked my inboxes back down to zero. After dinner J did the washing up*, X went off for some introvert time, and I finished the book.

* Whenever I read a book set in England and written by someone English, it immediately creeps into my vocabulary. I nearly said that X went off for a lie-down.

X has gone to bed and J will probably conk out shortly. I've just caught up on my limited feeds again (at that level it feels a lot more like catching up on LJ/DW) and now I'm contemplating how I'd like to spend the next four hours. I might get some of the work done that I didn't do on Friday. Or I might just sit here and listen to Glean over and over and over again so that I have it memorized for tomorrow's concert, because I'm a nerd. :)

At some point in the early days of the Ménière's, I wrote that I would miss silence. I'm particularly aware of that today, with my ear so blocked up and the ringing persistent and vexing. But on a more metaphorical level, today felt very quiet without the constant background noise of online conversation. I've missed that kind of silence too. It was really nice.
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Symptom watch: the tinnitus in my right ear has been on the loud side for the past week, mostly noticeable when I'm in bed at night. Today I woke up with my right ear feeling blocked and congested, and hearing significantly occluded. No change after a hot shower and some Flonase. I may be reaching the limits of last year's Ménière's treatment. :(

I'm not feeling any hint of vertigo, and I'm perfectly functional with only left-ear hearing to rely on as long as people face me when they speak, so I'm not sure there's anything to do at the moment except keep an eye on it and note any changes. But I've emailed my specialist ENT just in case he has any ideas.

And then I will take all the taurine and try not to panic. The thought of going back to the endless horrible vertigo is terrifying, and the treatment I had was experimental, so it may not be available for me to get again. I'm trying not to borrow trouble, but I'm kind of primed for anxiety at the moment, especially when I'm dealing with my other physical disability flaring up. I've really enjoyed being able to hear and stand upright and take taxis and so on. I would like to continue doing those things. I don't want to have vertigo ever ever ever again.


Right. Food, taurine, distraction.

EDIT: I thought at this point it was pretty solid internet etiquette to not provide unsolicited medical advice, but for those who missed that memo, here's a clear statement: I do not want medical advice on this topic.

The Perennial Miss Wildthyme

Apr. 25th, 2015 04:22 pm
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Mirrored from Twisting Vines.

Now available for pre-order from Obverse Books: The Perennial Miss Wildthyme, featuring Iris Wildthyme, and a story from me. It’ll be out this autumn, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to reading the rest of the stories.

The cover, by Paul Hanley

The cover, by Paul Hanley

(Should you feel unable to wait for your Iris fix, Iris Wildthyme of Mars, in which I also have a story, is available right now.)

(no subject)

Apr. 25th, 2015 08:00 am
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Died on this day in 1397 aged 47 Thomas Holland (my toy,wikipedia). Half brother of Richard II; ancestor of a lot of people who were important in the Wars of the Roses (everyone is related to everyone, of course, that's why it is the Cousins' War)

Born on this day in 1284 to King Edward I of England and Eleanor of Castile, King Edward II of England (my toy,wikipedia). Forced to abdicate in favour of his son.
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I think it might be time for me to take a break from Twitter. I mostly spend time on there because it's a convenient source of quasi-socializing and it gives me those tasty dopamine pings. Right now, I'm not feeling very social; we're at an exhaustingly anxious stage of fertility stuff and mostly I want to stay at home, cuddle my people, and nest. I don't mind some socializing--see also: plans to go to BBG--but I want it to be socializing that gets me out of the house and moving around, not socializing that costs me sleep and hurts my arms. Dopamine pings are bad for my sleep, which is especially ungood when I'm stressed out and in pain and generally needing more rest; a few days ago I started leaving my laptop in the guest room at night instead of taking it into my bedroom, and I immediately slept for nine hours per night two nights in a row, which is the sort of thing I definitely need to do more of. It's also really noticeable how much more work I get done when I turn off the interrupt machine. (Turns out this is also a downside of inbox zero: as soon as a message comes in I must deal with it immediately and maintain that clean slate! And then it disrupts whatever else I was doing. So I may have to rethink how I do email too--only checking it periodically, maybe.)

When I think about what I want to be doing with my arm-ergs, I think of work, writing, and PT. When I think about what I want to be doing with my time, I think of spending time with my family, writing, and reading. Twitter doesn't even go on the list. It's not a thing I want to be doing; it's a thing that I do, and a thing that takes me away from things I want to do. Nothing personal to anyone I hang out with there. I really do enjoy your company! I'm just in the middle of a fairly massive priority shift.

I don't know yet whether I'm going to go off of it altogether or limit myself to my nearest-and-dearest list or only go on at specific times or what, but expect to see less of me on the Twitters, at least for a while.


Apr. 24th, 2015 05:59 pm
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Last night I dreamed that J had offered to write some drivers so I could use a USB trackpad with my laptop, and I was affectionately teasing him about what a silly offer it was because he's not really a programmer. We were walking down the street, someplace with wide roads and low warehouse-type buildings--maybe an ungentrified part of San Francisco. Two women who were standing at a bus stop overheard us, and after J got on the bus? went somewhere else? I started talking with them about how much we all enjoy writing x86 assembly code (which I did enjoy the last time I did it, but that was almost 20 years ago!).

When I woke up, I thought "My dreams are the patriarchy's nightmares!" and smirked a lot.

Why is it that every time I ..

Apr. 24th, 2015 09:32 pm
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.. enter an airport I get an instant headache? A colleague has ventured the idea that they keep the interior at a slight overpressure to prevent dust coming in. Another thinks it's because of the airconditioning (I doubt that very much, I *like* a/c).

Anyway, Hannover (HAJ) is pretty good, as airports go - just the right size so you don't have to do endless walks, sensible infrastructure (for an airport). Just a pity that there's no possibility for smoking after going through security theatre.

(no subject)

Apr. 24th, 2015 01:34 pm
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Died on this day in 1981 aged 76 Princess Margarita of Greece and Denmark (my toy,wikipedia). Sister of Prince Philip (husband to the current Queen). Married a man who was both her 2nd cousin once removed and her 3rd cousin.

Born on this day in 1533 William I, Prince of Orange (my toy,wikipedia). Great-grand-father of William II & III. Had 4 wives, two of them called Anna (I guess that's one way not to get the wrong name).

Election leaflet watch

Apr. 24th, 2015 12:11 pm
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By post to Mike: 1 Labour, 1 Lib Dem
By post to Flick: 1 Lib Dem (a week later and different: gender specific, maybe? Didn't keep the first one to check)
By post in the weekly Royal Mail Pile O'Junk Mail: 1 Tory, 1 Socialist Party
Hand delivered: 2 Tory, because we actually got canvassed! The council candidate turned up this morning while we were mucking out (it was, he said, his third and final try at actually finding us). Mike hypothesises that this means that the Lib Dems will turn up soon, when they hear that he's been visiting everyone.

Edit: and now he's found Mike on Twitter, which is very funny. Presumably, he follows the current councillor's account and recognised the name.

The Curse Of The Middle Stable

Apr. 24th, 2015 11:39 am
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We have three stables (well, actually, we have five, but one of them is full of wood and the other is where the ducks live). GB has the one on the end, which is partly connected to the one in the middle: there's a hole in the wall, with metal bars in it.

Baby used to be in the middle stable, and we used to often complain about how messy his bed was by the morning, especially compared to GB (who is rather meticulous with his: he's so gay*). When Bugs came along, and moved into the stable on the other side of Baby's (without a connecting window), his bed was a mess as well at first, but we made allowances for the fact that he'd been living in a field for the last however-long, and indeed after a month or so he was nearly as neat at GB.

* In the 20th century sense, rather than either the 19th one (ha ha, yeah, right) or the 21st one. Seriously, we think that he is.

Then, as part of the process of weaning GB off his reliance on the Baby, we swapped their stables a few days ago.

Baby's bed is now really quite neat, Bugs' is a horrible mess.

My current theory is that GB snores, or does the horse equivalent of tuneless whistling and/or creepy staring all night....

ION, just back from the GP: partial win, in that the form has been completed and signed but then they had to keep it so that it could be scanned onto their systems. Fingers crossed.

(It occurred to me last night that I actually have a pretty easy way of making my test scores worse: just stop wearing the splints.... I don't think I will, though.)

"April showers"

Apr. 24th, 2015 01:39 am
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I feel like I'm still at a sunshine deficit, even though it's late April. I feel SO GOOD on sunny warm days, and then we get chilly rainstorms and I droop. This is particularly annoying because I usually love spring rain. I did enjoy the lightning and thunder we got the other night, but that was after a wonderful warm muggy afternoon.

Right now it's 40 degrees and the heat just came on. I mean. This is fucking ridiculous.

But it's supposed to be sunny and warm next weekend, and the cherry trees at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens are just hitting their peak, so who wants to go to BBG on Saturday May 2? Sakura matsuri is this weekend, so going next week should let us miss most of the tourists. :)


Apr. 23rd, 2015 12:04 pm
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I dreamed that X and [ profile] tithenai and I all went to my high school to retrieve a copy of a paper I'd written. It was buried in the archives in the gym (??) but a nice person eventually dug it up. Then I realized it wasn't on the topic I'd remembered, so it wasn't all that useful to me. Oh well.

Then somehow we ended up in a meadow, in a place with gently rolling hills and occasional stands of trees. There were some small strange half-buildings, with two walls and no roof but all the furnishings, like stage sets; we spent a bit of time exploring them, but they felt very lonely. The queen of the Fae showed up and was annoyed about something, and we had to sing in harmony to appease her. We managed this with reasonable success (singing Heather Alexander's "Dance in the Circle" of all things!) and she left us alone, but the king came over and suggested that we swear allegiance to him instead, so he could protect us in case the queen got angry again. The vast majority of the dreaming-time was taken up with the king making his case and us talking about it. The rest went pretty quickly but when I was doing the wake/doze/wake/doze thing I kept going back to that conversation about swearing allegiance. I think by the time I fully woke up we had decided that he seemed like a pretty decent guy, and that we'd much rather be on his side than the unpredictable queen's.

[ profile] tithenai had short hair and was wearing a long flowy dress, and the king appeared as a guy in his 30s with short brown hair and beard and a serious expression. He looked a bit like [ profile] sentencebender, actually. The queen had a face that I can only describe as pugnacious. I have no real visual sense of anyone else who was in either part of the dream.

(no subject)

Apr. 23rd, 2015 03:56 pm
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Died on this day in 1016 aged 50 King Aethelred the Unready (my toy,wikipedia). Here "unready" is not the modern English word but an Old English word meaning "poor counsel" so more correctly "Aethelred the ill-advised" (which is A Joke, because Aethelred means "noble counsel"; also he was badly advised). Allegedly (probably not) he invented trial by jury. He certainly spent a lot of time fighting or trying to appease the Danes who were various invading and taking Danegeld; eventually Aethelred lost to Cnut.

Born on this day in 1464 Joan of France (my toy,wikipedia). Wife of Louis XII who later married Mary Tudor (Henry VIII's sister, not his daughter; incidentally half of everyone in Game of Thrones should be called Elizabeth, Mary, Henry, or Edward - in history loads of people have the same name, but you rarely see it in fantasy novels except for previous kings who don't appear in the books). Joan was the daughter of Louis XI. Louis XI was followed on the throne by his only son Charles VIII, who had no sons; Louis XII was the grandson of Charles V (also great-grandfather of Louis XII) and inherited because of salic law; having failed to take the throne by force earlier. Anyway, Joan was betrothed to Louis when they were both very young, he had the marriage annulled as soon as he became King (on the grounds that she was physically deformed such that the marriage was impossible to consummate and that he had been forced into the marriage). Joan became a Nun, and was canonized in 1950.

i hate cold season

Apr. 23rd, 2015 10:40 am
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So apparently misophonia is a thing.

People who have misophonia are most commonly angered by specific sounds, such as slurping, throat-clearing, nail-clipping, chewing, drinking, tooth-brushing, breathing, sniffing, talking, sneezing, yawning, walking, gum-chewing or popping, laughing, snoring, swallowing, gulping, typing, coughing, humming, whistling, singing, certain consonants, or repetitive sounds.


Misophonia may be associated with OCD, anxiety and depressive disorders.


Of Storms and Universities

Apr. 23rd, 2015 09:04 pm
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Have spent the last two days conducting training for researchers at the Australian Institute for Health Innovation, which is part of Macquarie University. The classes have been a little more difficult than usual, partially because of the diverse levels of skills involved in the group (some have never used Linux at all, others are full-time medical software engineers), but also because of the state of their small cluster - not much of the usual range of scientific software has been installed and there is need for some configuration improvements especially with their databases. Plus, for those who have experience, the cluster has changed from a Torque/Moab system to PBSPro. As a result, it has not been used as much as it should, however I am hoping that this should change now that training has been completed. Tomorrow I will finish the final session of training for researchers at the University of Sydney for their new HPC cluster.

Sydney has been suffering some particularly stormy weather, which has resulted in fatalities. It was pretty interesting taking the plane in on the evening of what was the strongest day for the inclement weather. Now with all due concern for the enormous financial cost and the loss of lives, I must admit that I really quite like wild weather like this - I took the opportunity to go out as much as I could (complete in at least the top-half of my Devo radiation suit). I find the howling winds and cold driving rain to be invigorating, and whilst I can also enjoy the quiet contemplation when communing with nature, it is in the midst of the maelstrom that I find she speaks most clearly (not to push the anthropomorphic metaphor too much).

But whilst on that topic of quiet contemplation and universities, I must also sing some praises of Macquarie University. It is the first time I had visited that campus and I must say it has many of the features that I have noticed from similar institutions of that period that I have spent time at (Murdoch University, La Trobe University, Deakin University at Waurn Ponds). These are campuses that are some distance from the CBD, with modern buildings and natural surrounds and even a modicum of wildlife. The combination really does provide a sense of being a sheltered workshop for the intellectually able, but maybe that's just what researchers need. The active participation of academia in society is certainly necessary, even if it is a thorn in the side of politicians and their allies, but passive contemplation also requires the right environment as well.

Maine trip

Apr. 22nd, 2015 06:35 pm
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Travel diary for Camden, in which our heroes don't get injured, or too cold, just a bit (okay, a lot) wet and enjoy beautiful ocean views from a rustic camp site.

Reading Wednesday

Apr. 22nd, 2015 05:02 pm
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Goblin Emperor (Addison, Katherine)
I was distracted from the climbing book... this is really good, very hard to put down! The very first scene reminds me strongly of the last scene in a different book (naming it is now a spoiler, please rot13 in comments, because others may not have read both) except that Maia (the protagonist of this book) is caught rather less prepared.

Rock Climbing, Essential Skills and Techniques (Peter, Libby)

This is a combination of the bloody obvious and the terrifyingly confusing. Hopefully I will figure it out.

Three-Body Problem (Liu, Cixin; trans. by Liu, Ken from Chinese)

So far this is very interesting. I don't often read works in translation, so I have no idea if this is typical of Chinese SF, if it is I should clearly read more. It is volume 1 of 3, the other two presumably to be translated and publish in English in due course (Tor have announced the cover for #2)

probably the Seanan McGuire novella sitting on my table at home. (I rather hate the way that it is possible to import physical books but not ebooks; stupid lack of free trade, stupid publishing industry, etc.)