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Jun. 30th, 2016 03:49 pm
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I was breathing so much better on Monday that I was able to make it through my entire work shift without using my inhaler once. Then I decided it would be a good idea to walk to where I was meeting BC. In downtown Toronto. At rush hour.

Ha ha ha I'm a fucking idiot. Pretty sure I dislocated a rib.


Work is finally starting to calm down in the wake of the Brexit vote. One of the managers brought up the prospect of what the markets are going to do if Trump gets elected in the US. I told them they better start hiring extra staff now, because holy shit.


I got my first grey hair when I was still in my teens. Since that time I've been shaving it, teasing it, mohawking it, and spiking it, and always in some colour that caused small children to point and pollinators to follow me down the street. The last time I shaved my head was about a year ago and I've been just letting it grow out ever since.

When it was at the peach-fuzz stage I was actually worried that it was going thin on me, but it turned out that the hair on my crown is now so white as to be transparent - I was actually just seeing my scalp through my hair. After a year of growth it's obvious I had nothing to be concerned about; it's a rediculous unruly mop. It's also gone curly since it went grey - something that I have never had before and so I have no idea how to take care of it. So right now I'm just letting it do whatever it wants, which mostly appears to be frizz and cowlicks. I keep thinking gravity has got to kick in at some point but as is typical of my nemesis, it's being entirely uncooperative.


Tomorrow is Canada Day, which I will no doubt spend cleaning. Saturday is birthday party BBQ. Sunday is post-party clean-up and/or hangover day. So Monday is likely the first day I will be able to get my teeth properly into NaNoWriMo.

I've been trying to pursuade people to sign up on the site just because I figure it will be easier to post one notice of when & where I'm going to be instead of texting everybody - except the site is so poorly designed as to be a pain in the ass to navigate. I may actually be forced to use FaceBook. Bah.

Or maybe I'll set up a mailing list. Man, talk about old-school.
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Friday night at Whitby Goth Weekend April 2016, featuring Hands Off Gretel, Lene Lovich, The Red Paintings, and Therapy?.

Hands Off Gretel are reminiscent of L7, Hole, Daisy Chainsaw, and the other early 90s acts of that ilk. Lene Lovich is a stalwart of the post-punk genre, with a few hits under her belt, and definite enthusiasm on stage. The Red Paintings were re-visiting Whitby, and were fundraising to complete their next album. Therapy? are a hard-playing three-piece with several alternative club hits to their name.

Samples behind cut )

Gallery Links

Hands Off Gretel

Lene Lovich

The Red Paintings


(As usual, feel free to share these images with the bands, and they're welcome to use any of them (with credit given).)

and breathe

Jun. 30th, 2016 12:02 pm
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June's over and I can finally relax a bit. Staying on for a few days after my work week in Germany was the right decision, I got to wander around Berlin on my own schedule (though I met up with another Boston person there, he let me set the itinerary), sleep in without alarms, work out on my own schedule (yay 24 hour gym with kettlebells), read as much as I wanted, and the plaza in front of my hotel had a nice cocktail bar's auxiliary patio. I had to do a bit of balancing work when I was taking in the city/country's history, there was a lot of dark stuff.

So, yes, so far June has had moving, a break up, Tough Mudder (though walking around since then with my big toe nail intent on falling off has been a challenge), flying to Germany the day after TM, the work week in Heidelberg starting right after a red eye flight, a few days in Berlin with associated 4 hour train rides, and coming home to a condo still full of boxes and with a million things to do. I made my first mortgage payment today (with a bit on top), got to the library before my requested book got sent back, paid my first utility bill, and am catching up on work work that piled up during my short vacation. I also took advantage of early morning jet lag to do some unpacking when I woke up at 5am. :-) I need to get my kitchen restocked tonight, I'm more than ready to be cooking for myself again (er, and the baker's rack put back together since the unpacking is stalled until I can put things on it).
I want to get to NYC and Montreal in July, I need to find some cycles to sort out logistics for those trips. I loved the public transit in Germany so much, am a bit bummed that I'll pretty much have to rent a car for Montreal unless I want to face crossing the border on a bus. But in general, I'm glad that my to-do list has some slack time wise now and all the now-now-now stuff is pretty much done.

Oh, and one hopefully last moving thing (well, beyond the wall patching I have to do): the movers I hired ended up losing me $125 from my security deposit at my old place due to the big hole they knocked in the stairwell plaster. *grumble* I have to patch some plaster at my new place due to the couch, I have a feeling that I'll appreciate my old landlady not charging me professional level fees and feel like I got a deal on her time/materials after I muddle through. :-) I also had a couple of silent messages on my voice mail when I could get to them again, possibly from the guy with the tail light cover I broke. But with my first loan payment made and my security deposit back, I'm feeling like I have a good handle on my finances again.

Today's haul

Jun. 30th, 2016 04:36 pm
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Ok, not that impressive yet, but we're working on it!

(The wild strawberries have been very unimpressive this year. They're nearly over and I've hardly picked any. I assume it's because the weather's been so crappy.)
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And DHL is the worst of a bad lot (actually, they're on par with TNT).

Sender sends a package, which'll arrive at the recipients location in 2-8 weeks. Now, noone I know can take 6 weeks off just because on one of the days a package might arrive, at an unknown time.

In my case, the package comes from India. Got a call from DHL advising me that there'll be import tax to pay, and how much. Fine. I ask when the courier would show up - "in the next week or so". Not fine. I mean, the package is already in the country, probably within 25km of me, FFS!
Couple days later there's notice on the door about an unsuccessful delivery. Mentions a website to arrange another delivery date&address. Go there, but hey, can't change delivery address until I pay import tax. Which's possible online, so do that. Click "alternate delivery address", fill out form. Looks promising so far. But hey, they want to send the originator of the package a confirmation code that I, the recipient need to enter in the webform. Strange logic, but whatever, that should work.

Only it won't, and can't, because the fucking confirmation code is valid for all of 15 minutes. Because, yeah, sure, 15 minutes is plenty of time! (I'd be hard pressed to coordinate so closely with my wife during the workday, let alone across I-don't-know-how-many timezones nearly to the other side of the world!)
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I was taking Jo for one of her potters around the garden when I noticed that my unidentified plants with tall white spikes of flowers had acquired a collection of handsome white, yellow and black caterpillars. Which I wouldn't mind so much except that as well as noshing on the leaves they've lopped off many of the flower spikes.

A little googling revealed that they'd eventually turn into mullein moths, which aren't rare, so I went back out and picked them off, causing them to spit green ick all over my hands. The ducks seemed to like them, though.

And, on the plus side, I've now learnt that my unidentified plants are probably Verbascum chaixii 'Album', the white nettle-leaved mullein, or something similar. I have no memory of buying them (and indeed was faintly surprised to see the flowers appear last year, as I thought the plants were part of the epic bedding plant order), but I suppose that I must have done!
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Previously unread.

Second book of Cornell's Shadow Police series (or, as some sources claim, the James Quill series, although I don't think that is the right name for the series at all). Starts a while after book #1, features more "London stuff" (or "proper London stuff", or maybe "old London stuff" and possibly, at a stretch, "a bit of the old London knowledge", although I don't think that's actually something it's called in the book).

Basically, bunch of the Met's finest find themselves in a new, interesting, supernatural pickle. And there's a fictional Neil Gaiman that is not at all like the real one.

All in all, an excellent read, even though I frequently question the protagonists' ability to make good decisions. And, yes, I do, but I understand why they made the decisions they did (partially "better story" and partially "as a reader you may well have more information than they do").

Does fall somewhat on the grimmer end of the spectrum, so probably not the best if you're wanting lightness and happiness.

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Jun. 28th, 2016 11:39 am
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Currently open tabs:

  • http://www.unitedagainstracism.org/archive/pages/info30.htm#1
    How you can intervene when witnessing racist assaults

    "This leaflet provides some suggestions for courageous action and shows that some small steps can change a lot."

  • http://tellmamauk.org/faq/

    In the wake of the Brexit referendum, racist attacks have gone up.

    I've seen someone reporting hearing that they thought voting 'Leave' meant voting for the immigrants to leave.

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    Previously unread.

    This landed in my digital bookshelf towards the end of last week. This is book #7 (I think) in the Laundry series and continues the trend from #6 of not having Bob Howard as our main viewpoint character. Instead, we're following Alex Schwartz, former HFT software visualization developer, recent Laundry draftee, also infected with V-parasites (that is, he's essentially a vampire, although technically not undead).

    Due to recent changes, Alex finds himself in Leeds, inventorying various pieces of infrastructure, doing measurements and what have you. As you do. Then, well, things happen in a rather unpleasant way.

    Overall, a pleasant read. There were maybe one or two small things that pinged my "I should take a mental note of this and comment on it", but alas I cannot recall specifics further than that (although I suspect at least one was computational substrates).

    2016 - #47, "Hellbent", Cherie Priest

    Jun. 28th, 2016 09:21 am
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    Second (and so far, last) book in the Cheshire Red reports series (although I must confess that I think of it as mainly Cheshire Red). Our intrepid B&E artist is recovering from the advents of the first book (this book is, what, 3-6 months after the closing of book #1), when she's given a job that's hard to refuse. A box of magic-enhancing bacula ha sbeen found and retrieving it would be, ahem, very very profitable.

    So, she sets forth, with the intention of doing so. Then things snowball, there are complications and, well, all in all eminently readable.

    Road maintenance

    Jun. 27th, 2016 06:39 pm
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    We reckon that the council needs to hire a few sheep to keep the road clear:

    Today, Jo was at the vet for zapping. She does seem to be getting better, have to see how it goes. She's obviously still sore, though: the only bunny she's tried to chase recently was the one with mixa that I pointed out to her last night by our school.

    On the advice of the nurse last week, I bought a ramp so that she doesn't have to jump in and out of the car. In retrospect, we should have had a go with it before today.... We did eventually get her to go up it, mostly with me moving her legs one at a time, but when I got to the vet she just looked at it and plonked herself down at the back of the boot while I made coaxing noises. The vet wandered past and laughed mightily, as did several passers by. Eventually, I gave up and just let her jump. When we left, I again walked her up it one leg at a time but then decided to wait her out when we got home. It took about five minutes, but eventually she -- very gingerly -- edged her way down it, and I brought it through and set it up on the front step of the house. After two or three times up and down it, she seemed a lot happier, so hopefully she's figured it out now!

    Steam and elastic bonds

    Jun. 27th, 2016 06:39 pm
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    All the news about share prices, especially prominent UK banks...

    We live in interesting times.
    ...Isn't it interesting that nobody mentions bond prices in the newspapers, even though the bond market is much, much bigger than equities?

    All right, maybe it isn't. Bond traders are rather dull chaps, and nothing about them will ever fill all that space between the adverts for mortgages and pensions.

    But this dull stuff is quite important for banks.

    Because of where I work, it would be improper for me to comment on specific institutions or on the minutiae of how companies are capitalised; so I must urge you to conduct your own researches.
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    As per the previous entry, last week I ended up DJing for the Midsummer Masquerade at the Royal Victoria Hotel (Holiday Inn) in Sheffield, to entertain the guests after a three course meal accompanied by performances of burlesque (Pansy Cheung and Nenedhel Absynthium), dance (Hype Dance), and sideshow (Preacher Muad'dib), followed by a performance by The Memepunks. I also took my camera along to get some photos, in addition to those that would be captured by the professional 'togs for the event - there will, in time, be a full gallery available on the event website, but, in the meantime, I've put mine up. Many impressive masks and dramatic masks were on display in the fine wood-panelled ballroom of the hotel ...

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    Full gallery of photos
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    Last week, at reasonably short notice, I ended up DJing for the Midsummer Masquerade at the Royal Victoria Hotel (Holiday Inn) in Sheffield, to entertain the guests after a three course meal accompanied by performances of burlesque (Pansy Cheung and Nenedhel Absynthium), dance (Hype Dance), and sideshow (Preacher Muad'dib), followed by a performance by The Memepunks.

    Music before and in between the acts was mostly chosen from Ed Alleyne-Johnson's violin pieces. Once The Memepunks had got everyone on their feet, I followed on for the rest of the night with the requested mix of eighties tunes ...

    Setlist )

    Nothing ventured, nothing gamed

    Jun. 26th, 2016 12:14 pm
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    I hear stories from independent game developers that startups have closed down - the Venture Capital agreement had a Brexit clause and the VC's have pulled the plug.

    Anyone got any corroboration? I'd heard about Brexit 'break' clauses in real estate purchases, but I was completely unaware of their existence in Venture Capital agreements...

    Ich bin ein bin-liner... )

    I have a handful of friends who kinda disappeared off the radar in the last few months - I never paid it much attention - but they've turned up in Europe's new hot hi-tech hub: Berlin.

    I'm happy to admit that they are quite a bit smarter than me; and somewhat uneasy with the thought of how much smarter they are turning out to be.

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    Jun. 26th, 2016 11:50 am
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    Subsequent to an incident involving a Leave-voting user of a web forum I frequent, here is the md5sum of a prediction: 6b640a807ba0c656110e81ef649fab1d

    This actually works very fine, indeed

    Jun. 26th, 2016 12:38 pm
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    So, a/c installed in living room/bedroom. Now we had the first proper heatwave (up to 36°C outside/26°C inside), so we could properly test it.
    Just set it to de-humidify, this takes temperature down just about half a °C, but makes life instantly bearable. Enough for SWMBO to reach for a blanket, and for me to be able to properly sleep.

    Next day was as hot&humid, and I sweated the usual lots, but I just didn't care - knowing that there'd not be a night of stewing in my own sweat following made it all allright. And no sore neck/back from needing a fan.

    (And, of course, once the outside temp drops, it doesn't take bloody hours until inside follows suit.)

    The constant wetness by the condensate drains made a couple bugs go all "shiny, wanna live there" (and crawl up the pipes in discovery mode), so yesterday I wrapped the drain outlets in fine aluminum mesh. Will see how that turns out.
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    As everyone knows, the United Kingdom has voted to leave the EU, albeit by a margin of 1.9%. The key demographic groups voting for 'Leave' came from of lower income, lower education, old age, and anti-immigration, with the latter providing probabily the strongest determinant. The result has serious repercussions; already the Scots, who overwhelmingly supported Remain, have called for a second independence vote, and in Northern Ireland which also voted to Remain there are calls for a reunification referendum. Nationalists on the continent, such as the Front national in France and astoundingly misnamed Partij voor de Vrijheid in the Netherlands have argued for Leave referenda in their own country, further wishing to promote the closing of the European mind. The economy, of course, has taken a battering with two trillion wiped off the global markets, leaving the UK staring down a recession.

    In the distant British colony of Australia, we have an Federal election next week. Opinion polls (for what they're worth) suggest a close election, although it is the marginals that matter and Labor is still struggling with the Herculean task of gaining twenty one seats. The loathed Tony Abbott is making a tilt on a comeback based on Turnbull's woeful and dithering performance as Prime Minister. Labor has raised the spectre of a possible privitisation of Medicare first raised in February this year. The critical issue, as I've mentioned in previous posts, is if Labor can hammer home its economic credentials and point out that the Coalition has introduced the worst fall in living standards since records began. I honestly don't understand why Labor isn't hammering this point home.

    Three main gaming sessions in the past week, as normal. Last Sunday was GURPS Middle Earth with our GM promising to provide a summary of what lose ends there are in the narrative. Wednesday night was a session of Laundry Files which involved a haunted house scenario in an inner urban environment. Friday night was Eclipse Phase Mars wrapping up a few lose ends from the "Chain Reaction" series. On the latter point I've written some rules modifications which I've circulated in the appropriate forum. Apropos the next issue of RPG Review is almost ready, just in the final editing phase now. Also the Cooperative has purchased a block of ten ISBNs, so publications will commence in the very near future. We have items such as Verge from Nic Moll, Gulliver's Trading Company from Karl Brown, and I have a secret project to be announced in the next issue of RPG Review.