Aug. 19th, 2015

reddragdiva: (post punk)

That’s the noise my hard disk started making on Sunday. You could hear the cry of AAAAAAAA from the stratosphere.

I have reaped the just reward of being sloppy with backups and lost three months’ work. Four songs, one good, one really good, one not so good, one which would have been awesome if I’d got more than the sketch down probably. I have an old source file for one, none for the others. but! I had MP3s of two of them! So more Diva Rose for you!

  • Resonant (demo) (vocal guide) - I really like this song and the bass and drum sound really work here. This is the vocal guide version (that’s not [personal profile] arkady singing, that’s FluidSynth general MIDI sound font “ahh chorus” 52). The keyboard line needs work. I have an old source file and get to rebuild it.
  • Heaven’s Circle (demo) (vocal guide) - this one I lost the source file for too. The vocal line here is not great and the bridge isn’t done at all, but I like the drums. Got a beat and you can dance to it. I’m thinking here of the sort of obscure ‘80s new wave 12" that you never heard of until Burning The Ground ripped it.
  • Heaven’s Circle (demo) (karaoke) - same thing without the vocal line. Do your own!

I like indushtral noises and Arkady is really a folkie, so probably we should do neofolk. Socialist neofolk of course: acoustic guitar with noises, glitches and stirring internationalist sagas of social justice. Late period Frank Tovey but with better tunes. Tumblr should be an excellent place to ascertain what terms and concepts crypto-and-not-so-crypto-fascists will find optimally triggering.

(yes I know Tovey did an LP with Boyd Rice I own a Boyd Rice CD and Re-Search #11: Pranks! and saw him live once if only he wasn’t enormously musically important and would stop talking like a stupid person’s idea of how smart people talk dammit)

(also the Fad Gadget-related articles on Wikipedia need a serious cleanup)

I now have Dropbox set up.

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