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Mar. 9th, 2013 10:59 am
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[personal profile] arkady has a job! Part-time PFY to [personal profile] hawkeviper, who seems to have told her boss to employ her before actually telling Arkady herself. This of course saves a certain amount of fuss. Starting Monday. I am enormously proud.

Still getting a post up every day on the RationalWiki blog; mostly rewrites of RationalWiki articles. The latest homeopathy one is the most popular thing ever posted there, even if making fun of homeopaths is like shooting 10100 fish in a molecule of barrel. There's lots of great stuff there if you read back ... I need to get around to making a new front page for the Twenty Twelve theme, 'cos every magazine theme I've looked at seems to suck or be broken.

So yeah, it's still eating my life. At least I feel like I'm getting something useful for the world done. Still unwritten: an article on cancer quackery — not just that it's particularly evil, not just why it's evil, but how the false hope works.

"Hallelujah 2000" is the conclusive argument in favour of record bonfires in Chicago stadiums. I lasted until the banjo. Fortunately disco has its high points too; still on large doses of Yellow Magic Orchestra, whose name you don't hear so much these days, but you really should. (Lots on YouTube if you're curious.)

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