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a red onion to pull out the toxins and negative energies

[personal profile] arkady was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia (as well as ehlers-danlos). which is shitty, but otoh  the diagnosis does explain a lot. so they hopped onto facebook to find a support group, 'cos having people who understand is always nice.

well, almost always. the canonical UK group on the subject ("UK Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" - obviously that's the group to try first, right?) is, apart from the relentless negativity ... beyond the woo event horizon.

another fibro-suffering friend noped out of there on a nope-rocket when someone recommended the sure-fire fibro symptom cure of ... a red onion on the sole of the foot every night, to pull out "toxins" and "negative energies".


(a brown onion, of course, has danger of inducing tony abbott. otoh, just think how sporty you'll look in a speedo.)

this particular woo actually has a history (and i or someone need to write up a rationalwiki article, and more on woo fibro cures in general). this is the same principle as those bogus "foot detox" patches that do nothing.

one guy from one of the unofficial rw facebook groups (not the official page) had someone do the onion-in-the-sock trick in response to a woo page (”Raw Food Institute”) promoting it. result: you'll be amazed to know it doesn't work, just makes you smell of onion.

apparently the onion trick is big on too.

as one non-woo fibro sufferer commented on a’s fb: "My search for a cure from this pain draws the line at applying condiments to my body."

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Every chronic fatigue group I went near (going on 20 years ago now) was relentlessly negative and focussed on how you should never exert yourself, ever, not even t, say, help out friends in need/more disabled than you, rather than learning how to manage what you *are* able to do. So no, I'm afraid I can't point her in the right direction. Also depressing to hear that hasn't changed.
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Not only that, but now you have an onion that smells of foot. Most unappetising.