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divabot ([personal profile] reddragdiva) wrote2017-01-12 11:52 pm

how to make the scroll bar work properly and not annoyingly in gtk+3 apps.

you know that thing that firefox on linux does, where if you click on the scrollbar it doesn’t just take you up or down a page like every scrollbar in the past thirty-odd years, but instead moves the scrollbar slider to where you clicked?

this is a gtk+3 thing, because GNOME’s UI team are relentless desktop innovators.

workaround: add this to ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini :


then restart firefox.

this being GNOME they will doubtless tch at people evading their superlative user interface vision and break it. until then, though, gtk+3 apps will work properly once more.

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Whut? A UI that actually implements CUE?