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We're moving house again! The ongoing problems with this house (e.g. mould in strange places) turn out to require serious building work, which is basically incompatible with using it as a house. Our delight at this is unalloyed. Anyone in London got a car we could borrow in early-mid May? Also, we'll be seeking volunteers to help with cleaning this place. Which is really very easy to clean. Barring the hideous mould.

One plus point is that, the older teen finally being elsewhere, we can move somewhere smaller. There's a lot of two-bedroom houses and ground floor flats in E17 for £1000 or under. The utility bills should be smaller, too (this place is heat-inefficient to Australian standards).

Life otherwise continues quite nicely. [personal profile] arkady remains gainfully employed, and has successfully convinced her victims coworkers that the other sysadmin is the bad cop and she's the good cop.

I am continuing to bang my head against the RationalWiki blog. Writing a post every day is exhausting — even just polishing up a wiki article as a blog post requires a complete reference check and quite a bit of rewriting — but hopefully it's helping in the eternal battle against public stupidity. (Typical ~200 hits/day, the occasional popular post might be 5000-8000.) The things I'll do for charity. I need to fix the theme again (the header), and move it to the RationalWiki Foundation server (it's currently camped out on someone else's VM they want to get rid of). If you like it, tell your friends! And if you don't, tell them anyway. You can also sign up to get it by email, which saves remembering to go to the site.

Running the Twitter has a much better fun:work ratio. Edzard Ernst even retweets it on occasion.

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Writing every day: its a useful discipline and I should try it.

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