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The rugs have been delivered to the mailroom of the new place (the super saw them). I'm pissed, but there's nothing to be done for it. I alerted the super I'll have to leave them there till Sunday, and then I guess [personal profile] tn3270 and I will have to wrestle them upstairs. If the super wants them out, she can arrange to put them in there herself.

I've booked movers for an arrival between 3pm and 5pm on next Tuesday.

The place I went with, I picked because they were highly recommended and can handle that time window, but also: they have a reasonable price, but also a 10% discount if you pay in cash, which I am happy to do. :D (NTS: I ordered a mattress bag from them, so I don't need to buy one independently.)

I also booked a second pick up of book boxes for this coming Saturday.

Not sure if I mentioned; [personal profile] tn3270 and I have been taking carloads of stuff over, to drain the swamp. Stuff that can be put away in the kitchen and closets, so it's not in the way of rug deployment or the movers.

(Huh, while I was writing this, the old landlord called. I didn't pick up. He doesn't seem to have left a vmail.)

I am more exhausted than I need to be, because I slept terribly, because bad vibrations last night. So that's validating, in case I needed further reminder of why I'm leaving.

Also, I got an email from the property manager that the heating person was coming to check out my bathroom radiator later this morning. This is great, yay repairs, however I delicately let him I know am generally asleep 4am to noon, and that emailing me at 9am about coming by at 11am isn't going to work.

Last night, the toilet at the new place malfunctioned. I discovered that the handle rod had been being attached to the connector thingy on the flap by a – get this – safety pin. An old, rusty safety pin which had finally bent out of shape and let go. I replaced it with a mini ziptie, which will presumably survive the heat death of the universe, and it's fine now. Let the propmgr know though.

Dunedin and Studies

Feb. 23rd, 2019 06:12 am
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With an hour to go before being collected by shuttle to Dunedin airport and then en route to Wellington and Melbourne, it is opportune to review the past few days which have been dominated by the subject title. On the sightseeing side of the journey I took the opportunity to visit the Dunedin Chinese Garden which, despite several prior trips here, I had never been to. It was a pleasant environment and includes a good documentary of said people in the early days Dunedin (gold, market farms and laundries, and terrible discrimination) which match experiences elsewhere. I was very fortunate to have an impromptu musician playing a huqin which was a highlight. Afterwards made my way to the Art Gallery which has a small selection of early modern European and Australian material, some awful abstract expressionism, and a exhibitions on contemporary Chinese art which didn't interest me, but the Artificial Wonderland by Yang Yongliang (cyberpunk-industrial landscape in digital media with traditional style) left a strong impression.

On the study and university side of the equation, attended my first tutorial in-person for Critical Reflections on Higher Education, followed by a lunch with Jim C., and David E., at the rather nice Otago staff club. We chatted about the restructuring that the University IT services are experiencing and how this does leave open the opportunity for a good eResearch program. Jim C., also received a hand-delivered copy of Papers & Paychecks. A couple of evening's prior I dropped in to visit the local university RPG club, OURS and deliver a copy to those said folk as well and played a couple of rounds of Red Dragon Inn. Another related venture was a long meandering walk from the city to St Clair beach via South Dunedin and St Kilda, suburbs which I hadn't really explored before. I spend the better part of a day there, watching the surfers as the tide comes in, whilst at The Long Dog cafe. It was a curious observation I made of myself - whilst others had come here to surf, others to visit the seaside cafe and chat with friends, I had come here to study advanced macroeconomics, such is the madness of 'lifelong learning'. This said I have completed an extensive content review of all course material related to this postgraduate economics degree which now gives me two months to complete an intensive review, with a strict timetable in place.
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I'm really sorry to have to do this, but I'm turning off anon commenting, because the Captcha isn't stopping the spam, and I really don't have time/energy to be dealing with it right now. I'll try turning it back on when I'm moved.

Anons, you can email me via this account (me @dreamwidth) if you have a pseudonymous or burner email account, if you want a more-or-less anonymous way to send me comments.

Sorry about this.
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and then I saw this stellar fucking take, which yeeted me out of my consciousness and into a nether dimension full of soulless ligbeets screeching about how ~50 years of academia are completely useless because their tumblr-educated ass said so.

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Good grief, when did FedEx turn into UPS?

They said to expect the driver between 11:45pm and 3:10pm. At 3:30, I check the website and the last update is the day before, the package arriving in Connecticut.

Maybe the system isn't showing timely updates? Because despite that, it's still saying by "end of day" today, which the agent said was 7pm-ish.

I have to see patients. During a break at 6:30, I call and force the system to have me talk to a human, who tells me he'll look into it, and have someone call me back.

I haven't gotten a call back, but as of the last time I checked the website, I no longer have any ETA at all, and the package left Connecticut at 6:48pm. Eighteen minutes after I called and nicely asked where the hell it was.

QoTD: Warning Label

Feb. 21st, 2019 03:46 pm
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[community profile] questionoftheday asks: If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

My answer:

Contents under pressure.
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I'm getting a horrendous wave of anonymous spam. I think. It's in Japanese.

Anyways, I've turned on Captchas for anon commenting, because I really don't have time for this right now.

If that doesn't stop it, I'll be turning off anon commenting.

DW style changes

Feb. 21st, 2019 08:58 am
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Is it just me/my computer/browser/something or has anyone else suddenly lost their old style?

I checked my reading page and it's all in completely different colors and fonts and stuff and what it is NOW hurts my fucking head. The same stuff has been ~magically~ applied to my journal as a whole, it seems, not just the reading page.

ETA: godssssssss it appears that it is JUST this one theme ("Night Sea" for Tranquility III) that is suddenly broken. It won't preview in the theme-finder thing :( but other themes built for the same basic style show up right, so I've been thrown into some default theme (which doesn't appear to be what the FAQ claims is the default theme) with eye-killing fonts & etc.

EATA: I've found other journals using my same (old) theme and they load up right without being saddled with misery, so what the actual fuck is going on with my journal?? (I am using some other almost-as-good theme in the meantime but :|)

Aaaaaand it's working again here.

. . . I don't know why. I just tried reapplying it and magically it is unbroken now.

Stationners Hall

Feb. 21st, 2019 07:10 pm
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Monday 18 February: Stationners Hall

Lovely evening at the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers. It was their new members event, so letting you know the benefit in joining whilst plying you with wine and canapes ;) Gorgeous surrounding to catch up with Sophie and Laura and meeting some very interesting people.

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Kitchen nearly there

Feb. 21st, 2019 06:55 pm
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Sunday 17 february: Kitchen nearly there

Nearly there with the kitchen project, we did not stop yesterday but the house is once again tidy, clean and everything is now back in its cupboards. Just need to add all the tile transfers, frames, stickers, missing floor tiles ...and we will be done

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Saturday 16 february: Enchanted Market gig: Inkubus Sukkubus, Spriggan Mist and Professor Elemental

Not every gig we get a dedication that includes fairies and grouting in the same sentence , ❤ to Candia McKormack for making us smile a lot .Fantastic Inkubus Sukkubus gig , the first of many we are planning to attend this year to help them celebrate their 30 anniversary

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Enchanted Market

Feb. 21st, 2019 06:41 pm
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Saturday 16 february: Enchanted Market

On friday night between cleaning grout off the tiles and refilling our kitchen cupboards. I finally managed to bleach and recolour my hair, making it slightly more complicated with black at the back, pink and purples in the fringe. Sadly meant missing birthdays and sin city. Off to Enchanted market via Ikea first that day!!!

A day out in Bracknell :)

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New student centre

Feb. 21st, 2019 05:56 pm
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Friday 15 February: New student centre

Went to visit our new student centre before the grand opening, very nice, very Ikea at times , with all the different theme rooms but would not mind some of the lovely seatings and lights in our office ;) Right opposite my window so hopefully we will be drilling free for a while !!!!
1,000 new study spaces, currently one of the most sustainable design in the Uk , a well being centre, group study rooms, showers, plyers rooms....and more

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Valentine, Tiling & kitchen

Feb. 21st, 2019 05:25 pm
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Thursday 14 February: Valentine, Tiling & kitchen

We might have had the same inspiration when designing each other cards 😻 Taken that day off, not for Valentine but for tiling the kitchen

That was one of the most tiring Valentine!!! Why didn't we get a splashback or make the builder do it!! If i ever redo a kitchen we are not going near tiling. Especially the cutting, you sew and file for ever, nearly there and it shatters!!! The tiles are finally up, still plenty to do tonight, boring and white ones but they will be soon covered in colourful transfers. In between the main jobs more painting was done and slowly taking more shape although atm the house is such a mess!!!

Having the tile adhesive and the paint out, those grey figurines I brought back from India are now perfectly adoring the door in their new green look :) Now the decorion are appearing it starting to look much nicer. The dishwasher also look so much better with a big skull one

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So there I was, about half-past midnight, when I get a text from an unknown phone number. It's a double length message from my next door neighbor (I guess he changed his number, but saved mine) asking to borrow a cup of wifi, explaining that he (and his gf) was moving out at the end of the month, and Comcast had prematurely cut off his internet, and he was trying to get things done for school.

I asked him to stick his head out the door, so I could confirm it was indeed him. We had a bit of a chat. He hadn't known (no reason to) that I was moving too. So this was all very serendipitous.

I am now going to be gnawing my finger nails to the elbow practicing radical acceptance of what comes reminding myself I can tether my computer to my cell phone and have an unlimited data plan, if it comes to that.

[tech] Comcast: huh

Feb. 20th, 2019 08:29 pm
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I just got the email confirming my move from Comcast, and it says my new bill will be substantially more than my old one.

I pull out the old bill to compare, and the difference is that "limited basic TV" was $8, but will be $21. :[

The only reason I have limited basic TV is because the discount on my internet is more than its price. I will have to have speaks with them. Not amused.

[law] Paging Anon Commentor K

Feb. 20th, 2019 05:18 pm
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Paging Anonymous Commentor K! You have email (two actually) from me. If you
don't see them, check your spam filter - Gmail hates me/my domain.

[domesticity] More Moving

Feb. 20th, 2019 05:06 pm
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Called both FedEx and UPS.

FedEx gave me a time window the driver was likely to deliver the rugs tomorrow, and is passing along my request to try to deliver between 1pm and 3pm (which is a subset of the likely time, anyway). The do not need a signature and volunteered to just leave the package, but I explained I needed them to bring the 50lb package all the way up to my apartment, for which I needed to be there to buzz them in. (Not strictly true, but I want to be there so they don't get abandoned in the mail room, leaving me to schlep them.)

UPS's agent was unable to add special delivery instructions to the order until the package was more or less here, and told me to call back tomorrow morning. I politely explained that was not possible, and was incredulous that that was how things were. She apologized that it was so. So I'll try to post a sign tonight.

In other news, I called Comcast to set up my move, and they were completely reasonable. I can change my plans with them at any time, I am eligible to self-move (so it's free), and the internet will be on in both places on the move day, so I can carry the router from one apartment to the other and everything should be fine. Fingers crossed.

[personal profile] brujah surveys the barren wasteland

Feb. 20th, 2019 12:19 pm
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To husband, who's away on a business trip:

We burned our bras today. Not because we needed to, but because they are stabby and we hate them. We've taken up the carpets and made armour out of the lot. Topsy constructed a sword out of your CD collection and had Thuban the Divine bless the blade. Topsy defends us, valiantly, from plunderers seeking to steal our shower turnips. Her warcry is, "FLOWERS ARE STUPID, BUGS SIT UPON THEM AND POO!" She's grown horns.

QWP from locked post. Context regrettably had to make its own coffee this morning.
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 So for those of you who don't follow Canadian politics, there's a convoy of pro-pipeline yellow-vest (it means something different in North America—the fascists have adopted it) demonstrators that was headed to Ottawa. They present themselves as a grassroots protest movement but they're astroturf and supported by the likes of Faith Goldy and Maxime Bernier.

Anyway, they apparently are now stranded in Ottawa because the organizer took off with the gas money.

You can't make this shit up.