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By the way, here's the ghetto way to make mead*:

  • empty 5 litre plastic container
  • 1 litre cheap orange juice
  • 1 kilo honey
  • enough hot water to top it up to 4 litres (e.g. by washing out the honey jars)
  • two teaspoons brewer's yeast
  • cap it, shake it REALLY HARD to mix it up
  • balloon with pinhole to serve as airlock on top
  • leave for two months (Change balloon every couple of weeks.) Filter. Leave for another two months.

If you want to be super-ghetto and use bread yeast, start off two teaspoons yeast in a jam jar with two tablespoons warm water and one tablespoon sugar. Leave it to stand for 5-10 min until it starts frothing. Then put that in the above and proceed from the shaking step.

This sort of thing is why banning alcohol is futile.

See also: [personal profile] arkady's mead blog. Here's a two-litre three-week version.

* technically an orange melomel, but nobody cares

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Date: 2014-02-08 05:45 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] rosefox
Er, this may be a US/UK thing, but here "ghetto" is a very racially coded term.

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