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divabot ([personal profile] reddragdiva) wrote2004-11-03 03:27 pm

The worst one on record.

I am all for Wetherspoons if, like the one down the street from work, they can do a pint of Director's and a double vodka and coke for £3.47. I just mentioned National Solo Album Month (for all those not in a novel mood) to [ profile] arkady and her eyes lit up. Be sure to spread this one, okay.

If you want your NetApp to talk to your Oracle server, it helps if the MTU isn't 1500 on one and 9000 on the other. This is what my boss means when he says "it's probably something daft."

We plan to make Whitby April 2005. This will require someone to mind the cats and rats. So ... who isn't going?

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Your subject line belies the content of the post!
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A Wetherspoons outing is a good idea. OTOH, so is an Oakdale Arms one: how easy is it for you to get to Seven Sisters?

Where, or into what, were you shining the torch when Arkady's eye's lit up?

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I am at Blackhorse Road, Diva is at Walthamstow central. We can both reach Seven Sisters very easily.

And my eyes lit up at the idea of writing and recording a solo album of my own material in the space of one month. Hence me lugging 15kg of guitar amp all the way from TCR to Walthamstow by tube and bus this afternoon. NanoWriMo isn't my thing. Music, on the other hand....
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Meet up for a pint and a game of pool this evening?

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Can't answer for Diva; for myself, it depends how splat I feel. I'm about to go fall over for a while. It's been a stressful day and I'm feeling the aftereffects.

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Your icon sums up how I feel too....
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I can stop off on my way home, at Seven Sisters, about 8:00PM

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I'll look after cats and rats for you =)