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I would like your assistance in the eternal and vital work of increasing existential risk.

Specifically: I've written a surprisingly popular book about why bitcoins and blockchains are trash. I basically have a second part-time job now as a finance journalist, which supplies a bit of welcome cash.

But sales are dropping off - so it's time to write the next one.

The options are:

  1. The Good, The Bad and the Blockchain: For A Few Bitcoins More - the obvious sequel. I have a blog full of material to adapt. It won't be as incisive or impactful as the first one, but it should sell at least a few copies.

  2. Roko's Basilisk: A Savage Journey to the Dark Heart of the Transhumanist Dream.

I wanted to ask what you would like to see in that second one. That's one hell of a subtitle, but never shrink from audacity after all.

If you saw a book of that title and subtitle:

  • what would you expect to see in it?
  • what would you really like to see explained in it?
  • what “take that you shitheads” swipes would you be delighted to see someone finally writing up?

I should point out - this may have slight commercial prospects. Apart from the mention of the Basilisk on Silicon Valley, Tom Chivers (the science journalist) is writing one about these people too, through a real publisher. We've spoken about the topic, and basically I think both books will promote each other - one is a weirdness, two is a Thing.

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