Aug. 21st, 2015

reddragdiva: (Wikipedia)

There’s a trope that KEEPS COMING UP in discussions with internet libertarians and/or anarcho-capitalists that fucking children, child porn etc. should totally be legal. Advocates can get quite incensed about it.

Motivations are an unholy blend of (1) the principle of the thing (1a) “children can totally decide for themselves! 12yos are famed for correct life decisions” (1b) “children are property, per Rothbard” (2) that the ‘berts in question are teenagers themselves and feel oppressed (3) that the ‘berts in question are mid-thirties or so and possibly not people you want within a mile of your social circles.

RationalWiki’s only ever “no just fuck off and never come back wtf moonmoon” hellban was after the webmaster posted his essay putting forth the libertarian argument for fucking children. (You can find it online, but not on RW kthx.)

So this is probably material for a RationalWiki article, because this trope KEEPS COMING UP. the problem is of course that this would involve (1) researching it (2) thinking about it in depth, neither of which appeals, so I’ve been avoiding it for a few years now.

(This is actually a distinct thing from Rothbard expounding upon how a free market in children would totally result in increased child welfare and not e.g. slavery.)

So, lazyweb! Has anyone else outside libertarian circles written up this trope as yet that i can crib from?

(If your very first reaction to this post is to expound upon the importance of whether we’re talking about adolescents or preadolescents, and you are neither, you may be part of the problem.)

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