Jun. 27th, 2012

reddragdiva: (rocknerd)

[livejournal.com profile] mikey_ob died Monday night after a long battle with brain cancer. Glad I got to catch up with him a coupla years ago. I got to know him mostly 1992-94, when he was living in the cyberpunk house in Stuart St. ‎"No, no. It's 'Heroes' by Bowie and Eno."

On Saturday 16th I helped the Open Rights Group commit democracy. There's no voting system so complicated that sufficiently pedantic geeks can't make it more so. At least the results were reasonably robust and no-one yelled. Being geeks, we've linked the software, scripts and data for anyone to kick.

I have also been trying to explain to PR people how not to shoot their whole leg off when dealing with Wikipedia. So far I appear to be communicating okay to the ones who aren't actually hard of thinking.

[personal profile] arkady just upgraded from Ubuntu 10.10 and saw Unity for the first time. "EUUWWWW." A sound like someone's first goatse. (The netbook now has Kubuntu 12.04 and is very happy thank you.)

Music hit a high point in Australia in the late 1980s that it hasn't ever quite equalled. Now playing: Thug "Penis Penis Penis Bosom Bosom Arsehole".

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