Sep. 12th, 2015

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A plump, curly-haired woman took a step out from the others. Her round face was red with anger as she screamed. "Stop the hate! No war! Stop the hate! No war!"

"Move or die!" Richard yelled as he picked up speed.

The red-faced woman shook her fleshy fist at Richard and his men, leading an angry chant. "Murderers! Murderers! Murderers!"

On his way past her, gritting his teeth as he screamed with the fury of the attack begun, Richard took a powerful swing, lopping off the woman's head and upraised arm. Strings of blood and gore splashed across the faces behind her even as some still chanted their empty words. The head and loose arm tumbled through the crowd. A man mad the mistake of reaching for Richard's weapon, and took the full weight of a charging thrust.

Men behind Richard hit the line of evil's guardians with unrestrained violence. People armed only with their hatred for moral clarity fell bloodied, terribly injured, and dead. The line of people collapsed before the merciless charge. Some of the people, screaming their contempt, used their fists to attack Richard's men. They were met with swift and deadly steel.

so for the first time in my life i just read some text written by terry goodkind.

emphasis mine, but the whole excerpt is great. no, context doesn’t improve it.

reddragdiva: (flame war)

well, the sad/rabid puppies blew their dicks off. so let's float a totally different proposal to achieve much the same result: come on down, jay maynard! he proposes a “web of trust” that would start with oooh people like himself and might even extend as far as unpatriotic poltroons like john scalzi and david gerrold.

the comments on this are amazing. ctrl-f for “scalzi” or “sjw” for examples, or just any of jay’s explanations of his great idea.

(this appears to be the rumour grrm heard about a few days ago.)

john scalzi tells him to go fuck himself in detail. more in the comments on that one.

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